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16 08 2010
Kirsten Fielding


Congratulations!! This looks great and you SOUND AWESOME!!!


18 09 2010
MIchael Connolly


14 11 2010

Great job on the website! I really like the work that you did!

I just have two questions for you.

You said that you voice direct Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. I noticed that your name was in the credits for the last few episodes of last season. The voice acting in those episodes really sounded great. Many of my friends and I loved how much better Bella Hudson sounded as Akiza, especially when she dueled.

However, at the beginning of this season, your name’s not in the credits and it says “Julie Rath” as voice director. I also noticed that Akiza’s voice didn’t sound the same, when she dueled, as it did at the end of the last season.

I’m just curious as to why your name’s not in the credits?
Plus, Akiza’s voice didn’t sound the same, when she dueled, at the beginning of the new season.
So, was someone voice directing the first part of the new season?

I hope you’re not upset, because I really like what you do. You’re a great voice director and again, I hope you’re not upset.

Great job on voice directing the show and I hope you keep on doing a fantastic job!

8 03 2011

I know you were in Pokemon Live and do you still have your script?

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