Click on song titles and characters to hear audio clips.


(Vocals and Piano by Darren Dunstan)

It Goes Like It Goes


Unusual Way

Without A Song

Night Song

The World Goes Round


(Character voices performed by Darren Dunstan.  All characters are property of production companies.)






12 responses

22 08 2010
Sarah Prime

You don’t have a clip of Zander from Dinosaur King! I get to hear your voice on that a lot as it’s one of my youngest son’s favourite shows. He was disappointed to hear it was cancelled. Great job on the website Darren! The sound clips brought me back to highschool, listening to you siging. Wishing you continued success!!

9 09 2010
Gillian Grossman

Love the site, love your tracks. Can’t decide if “Unusual Way” is a homage to me or Bea Arthur.


18 10 2010

Yay! I’m so glad you FINALLY have a website up! I admit I’ve been a pretty big fan of your’s. 🙂

1 11 2010
Mark Cohen

Love the Pegasus voice. Hope Yugioh 5Ds goes well, you are really making it more enjoyable ever since you took head director (you did, correct?)

18 02 2011

I have been wandering around this website since you’ve put it up. I’m a huge fan I don’t even know where to begin. I have been a Pegasus fan forever, didn’t know the man behind the voice had so many other amazing talents!

2 03 2011

If any man’s voice could make a girl fall for a brilliant character bent on world domination, it would be yours. Is there a compilation CD in the works?

18 03 2011

Awesome! Way to go! 🙂 Love the songs!

4 05 2011

Did you provide voices for Pokemon? If you did, hope you can add some clips of your character(s) from that series.

9 10 2011

It’s been four weeks and five days since I found this website by chance, and I haven’t stopped listening. I love musical theatre, and hearing these songs is just magical. Chaotic and TMNT marathons were bound to follow!

Any plans to return to the Sydney Supanova convention, Darren? You’ve got a #1 fan here who would love to meet you. My friends are so sick of me talking about you!

20 07 2012

You really need to put out a CD of your music. You have the most beautiful voice of any male singer I’ve ever heard. Please, please do more songs! Or at least list all the ones you’ve done if you’ve done more than listed here. ❤

7 02 2013

I wish you had sound clips of Mr. Tanaka and Bocoe from Sonic X.

28 02 2013

The songs are absolutely heart-melting. What I would have given to hear you as Sweeney Todd or Joseph. I’ll keeping holding out hope that you’ll put out an album one day.
(And as a side note, what is with the weird picture attached to “It Goes Like it Goes”?)

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